Why a Curious Dragon, and other questions no one has asked

Curious Dragon
A Curious Dragon, aka Me

Who Am I?

I’m A. L. Dowdall, sometimes known as A Curious Dragon. I’m a newly serious writer, an amateur artist, and a big fan of fantasy, sf and comic books, as well. I’m a recovering “scanner”. That means I switch interests on a regular basis and I’m curious about, well, just about everything. One other thing I’m recovering from is a serious mental illness. Mostly anxiety, but some depression, too. I don’t mention this to garner sympathy or make excuses in advance, but because I feel that those of us who are at a point when we can talk a bit about what we’ve been through should do so. One of the hardest things about being mentally ill is dealing with the stigma surrounding it. If talking a bit about it makes going through this easier for someone else, then I’m glad to do it.

Why A Curious Dragon?

To be honest, I always thought that if I had a studio or craft store it would be called The Curious Dragon. Those plans have gone by the wayside, but the name stuck. I’ve got the “curious” part down, anyway. Still working on turning myself into a giant, flying, fire-breathing reptile, however.

Why start this blog?

I know a lot of writers start blogs to promote themselves, but I don’t really have anything to promote. I just thought this would be a fun way to get involved with the writing community.

What is this blog about?

I’ll be writing a bit about my journey as a writer, posting some art and reviewing some books — both how-to books on writing and art, and whatever novels or comics have caught my interest. I’ll also be posting links to some of the great posts I’ve come across online. I’ll likely be writing a bit about mental illness, too, but I’ll keep that at a minimum.

Where am I from?

I’m from beautiful Ontario, Canada, where it’s a little colder than usual as I write this, but lovely and bright just the same.

When will I post?

Right now, I plan on updating the blog once a week on Sunday nights. We’ll see how that goes.

Two of my favourite characters


  1. Erica
    May 24, 2015

    Hey, it’s Erica from the library writing group… this looks interesting so far, I’ll check back for more posts! 😀

    1. A. L. Dowdall
      May 25, 2015

      Thank you! I hope I can keep it interesting. 🙂

  2. Heidi
    May 25, 2015

    Great start, Allison! So glad to see this happening….great artwork, too! 🙂

    1. A. L. Dowdall
      May 25, 2015

      Thanks! The art makes a nice change from writing. 🙂


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