My 4 Favourite Figure Drawing Books, Part Two

Valkyrie Moonstar

Back at last. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but things seem to be calming down now. I even got some writing done.This week I’m continuing my list of favourite figure drawing books.

3. Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm

Cost: Inexpensive, one of the best books you can get for such a low price.
Aimed at: Any level of experience.

Another book by Jack Hamm. This one was actually the first serious “How to Draw” book I got and it wasn’t easy to decide if it should be number two or number three on this list. It’s as good as Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, in its own way. It doesn’t cover perspective or drawing the head from different angles the way Loomis’s book does, but it excels in the little details that make a figure look right. It’s filled with step by step lessons and it really goes into the way facial features differ from one person to another. It’s anatomical drawings are top-notch, too. I”ve had this book since I was fourteen and I still refer to it on a regular basis. This is absolutely a book any artist on a budget should check out.

4. Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth

Cost:Middle of the road.
Aimed at: More advanced artists who want to draw without a model.

Burne Hogarth is probably the most boring writer on this list, but he understands the human figure like no other. This book won’t tell you much about how the basic construction of the human body, but it’s full of advice on drawing it from every conceivable angle and in deep perspective. I’m not really sure what to add to that, except that I’d be lost without this book. It’s just that good.

Do you have any favourite art books?  If so, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

This weeks art:

Valkyrie Moonstar
Moonstar in Valkyrie mode

I finally finished the picture of Dani Moonstar in full Valkyrie mode that I’ve been working on.It’s an attempt to mimic warm and cool grey markers in Manga Studio 5. In retrospect, there are a lot of things I’d do differently, but I think it turned out pretty well. The outfit is inspired by the one she wore in New Mutants v.4 #14, IIRC.


I thought I’d recommend some software this week.

In keeping with the figure drawing theme, Daz Studio 4.8 is an excellent tool for creating virtual maquettes. The figures are easy to pose with a bit of practice, and you can light them anyway you want (again, with a bit of practice). Best of all, it’s free. There are tons of add-ons that you have to pay for, but I haven’t found them necessary. (Make sure you check out the on site marketplace, though, there’s a bunch of free stuff there, too.)

Scrivener isn’t free, but it’s an incredible piece of writing software. It’s what I use for writing both stories and this blog. You can do complex searches, rearrange things easily, use key words, attach notes to scenes and keep your research and world building in the same file as your story. You can also get it at half price if you win NaNoWriMo and they have a generous non-consecutive 30 day trial (meaning that if you don’t write for weeks on end, it doesn’t count against your trial.)

That’s all for this week.Hopefully, things will stay on track from now on.


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